need help !!!!! PLEASE !!!!!


hey dude, nice youre reading this ;)
ok, here is my problem:
-i live in europe, swizerland ... here the most people dont talk english ..
exept me :) so .. im relay hard
overhinking about buying a european
ver. of os X !
but somebody told me the german
(eruropean) version would have problems with ENGLISH Applications ...
my question : IS that right ??? does
the european ver. of os x have problem with english application ???

and second : iv i now do have this os x pb ... when the final ver. comes out ..
can i the use the same apps. as in the pb ??? or do i need everything new ???

i hope you can help me ...
thnx a lot !

BTW: kill me i cant spell ;)
well... let me aswer backwards :p

#2 --> whatever program works with OS X PB will work with OS final, so no problem there.

#1 --> OS X is actually one operating system, and you can go into the "international" control panel and change the language and make ithave german menus.
(This is different from the older MacOSs where the whole translated OS was sold differently).
English programs will not have problems with OS X in german
BUT if you have a program that is in english the menus it
has will be in english.
(Menus --> File, Edit usw. )
Some programs that come with OS X have an international component and if you hcange language the program changes too
to reflect that change. For example the "clock" application
will say Montag instead of monday if you have your OS in gernam, uss usw.
So, what I am driving at is that if the program CAN support
another language it will, if not the menus, dialoge boxes usw will be in english.

I hope this helps