Need Help Selecting New Monitor Please!



Sorry for posting a new thread before properly introducing myself. :) I'm on a tight timeline today, and need a quick answer if possible!

My Apple Studio Display 17" CRT monitor bit the dust a couple of days ago (after a nighttime power outtage...surge protected power bar may be the culprit?!) I picked up a Samsung SuncMaster 730B LCD, but am really unhappy with the colour and image quality...working with photos is horrible!

So, I'm taking the LCD back and getting a new CRT instead. Don't have the funds for top-of-the-line, so am looking at cheaper monitors. Have narrowed it down to either HP, NEC or Samsung...17" or 19". There are so many models to choose from, I'm at a loss. At this point, I'm considering:

Samsung DynaFlat 997MB 19" $269.99
Samsung DynaFlat 793DF 17" $159.99
Samsung SyncMaster 793MB 17" $179.99
HP S9500 19" $289.99
NEC AccuSync 900 19" $269.99
NEC MultiSync FE992 19" $289.99

All of the above 19" have 1600x1200 max res, the 19" have 1280x1024

I'm really not very savvy on which brand or model is best. I've always used Apple monitors, and know that I like the quality... Do any of the models I'm considering fit the bill? Is there one brand that's better than others? Of these, which would be best for colour correction and working with photos?

Thanks for any help!


Edit: BTW, prices are in $CDN :)


I'm disappointed to see that no one was able to offere any advice. I ended up making a decision anyway. I bought a ViewSonic G90f for a good price.

I contacted Apple regarding my Studio Display. Seems the problems I had were a known issue (Apple Article#88195), so even though it's way beyond warranty, Apple is paying to ship it back and diagnose. Since the monitor is dead, they may not be able to repair it...and I may not get compensation if they can't prove the power issue isn't related to the original problems. However, I had contacted them in 2002 about flickering, popping & sizzling noises, and rapid screen resizing. At that time, they blew me off saying it was a magnetic interference mention of known problems. Unforunately, they have no record of my contacting them & neither do I. If they can't provide some sort of resolution, I'll have to contact Customer Service and/or Head Office about lack of proper assistance with my original complaints.