Need help to set up OS X Server 10.1


I need help to set up MacOS X Server 10.1. I´ve been trying for a day to get it to work. MacOS X Server may be easy to set up, but if you haven´t got any experience with servers before it´s difficult on any platform. And thats the situation here.
Today we are running a Win2K-server. With some problems, mostly it´s the printers that´s not behaving like we want them to. It´s a mixed network with mac and pc. But the tendece is that we are going for a more mac-based network. Almost all the new recruits are using mac.

So here are the conditions:

PowerMac G4 AGP 400 MHz, 128MB RAM (getting 128 more soon)

2 OS X 10.1 Clients
4 OS 9.2.1 Clients
3 Win 98 Clients
3 Win 2k Clients

HP LaserJet 2100Series (serial. I don´t think this will work with a mac?)
Epson Stylus Photo 1270

What services will we use and how things should work:
One directory called "Public" and one called "Projects" where everyone has read and write privileges. One home directory for each user (this is working perfectly already. maybe because it´s automated ;) ).
These three directories should mount automaticly on each client when they start up (is it possible?). I don´t want the "Users-directory" to mount, only the users personal directory.

Printing for all clients! Working smoothely...

Web & FTP:
Apache with PHP and MySQL.
Files are going to be uploaded via ftp.

Should not be so hard to set up?

Ok. I think that´s about it. How should I get it to work like I want it to? And what´s not gonna work (what´s your alternate suggestion?)?

Thx in advance



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I just set up X server and it works beautifully. I Webserve and print serve. I can now print to a Laser Writer Pro 630 from my Windows XP box. This is cool stuff.



Automounting of home directory:

Mac OS 9 or 8 you need to use Mac Manager and it will work. If you don't need the security turn all of that stuff off and just use it for authentication and auto mount.

Mac OS X Clients will work if you make your server a Netinfo Parent Domain and point your OS X Clients to it's parent. Then make sure that you do NOT attempt to log in to the OS X client with a user that is already in the local Netinfo database. After you get the parent setup make sure your users are either created in the parent domain or you have made aliases. Also you need to set your Users sharepoint to Automount within Server Admin.

The windows stuff I don't touch but you will need to script something.