need help with CSS and XHTML layout


Okay, I have this site done in CSS and XHTML, but I am having troubles with an image becoming shows it has a link all around the edges of the images, but not on the image itself...I am at a is everything for it...It is the logo on the top of the page that isn't working for me...thanks for any help... it is...



Mac Metal Head
The li's don't even show up in firefox, but if you want to have an image background on an anchor thats fine, and you did it in the CSS, but you don't have to put the blank image inside the <a> tags, just put a &nbsp; and set the size in the css. However, it seems like more trouble to set the images using background images...

Also, right now you are trying to set the background image of an image... i'm not sure you can do that... even if you can, you might as well drop the image tag and just set the <a> background to the image.