need help with OpenGL problem


have been experiencing openGL problems for a few months!!!


just to highlight a few problems i found.

problems that happened

1) cant get into screensaver preference in system prefernce.. (windows closes, states Opengl problem)
2) cant play warcraft (it stats opengl problem)
3) startup login picture is gone.
4) problem getting into Help. (funny characters appear.. only after constant pressing of the 'home picture', does it work..)
5) ANY thing that uses openGL is stuffed...

in reference to 1), this is the crash report.

OS version: 10.3.9 (build 7W98)

Command: System preference
Path: /Applications/system preference

Version: 2.3 (2.3)
PID: 791
Thread : unknown

Link (dyld) errors:

dyld: /Applications/system cant open Libarary: /system/LibraryFrameworks/OpenGL.framework/OpenGL (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

and in reference to 2) its sates somethins like this:

"warcraft cannot initiaze OpenGL. please check opengl and that u have the latest display driver"

Since system files are missing, you might want to backup your files and do an archive and resinstall. (the backup is just in case)