Need help!



I recently tried to network my two computers (An 8500 and a Quicksilver 733Mhz). I hooked up my Ethernet cable to both machines and set u everything in OS 9. The problem is, I can't figure out how to do this in OS X.04.

Is there anyway to Ethernet an 8500 running 9 to a Quicksilver running X.04?


I guess ur trying to hook em up via AppleTalk, right?

Then u gotta do the following:

On the MacOS X Mac:
1) Open the network control panel
2) Go to the Tcp/Ip register card and enter as IP address, as subnet mask, as router address
3) Go to the AppleTalk register card and activate AppleTalk
4) Open the Sharing control panel and start FileSharing (or/or Websharing, FTP, ...)

On the MacOS 9 Mac:
1) Open the Tcp/Ip control panel
2) Set the connection to PPP
3) Set the IP address to, subnet mask to, router address to
4) Open FileSharing Control Panel, start FileSharing, and enable FileSharing over TCP/IP!

On ur MacOS X mac u can now mount the MacOS 9 HD using the Connect to server command in the finder.
Da Mac OS 9 Server address is afp://

If u want to mount the mac os x hd under mac os 9, open the chooser, click on appleshare, and simply select ur mac os x computer there (or connect to it via afp://
I asked someone very knowledgable on the subject this question (when I tried to network a G3 and a G4 together) and he told me that if its just a simple ethernet to ethernet connection (no hub or anything) you need a special ethernet cable called a crossover cable) (I think that is the name).

Other than that the above instructions Dradts should work :)
U don't need a crossover cable for direct connection. Apples ethernet cards recognize whether its a crossover or parallel connection so u can take any ethernet cable u want and they'll work :)

Didn;t really work, It freezes my Finder when I try the "Connect to server" option. Oh well, thanks anyway. This thing is fast enough that it doesn;t blow my schedule when I reboot.

Thanks for your help!