Need Jre Windows On Top of Native Windows



I'm an experienced computer user/developer, but I would call myself an advanced beginner on Mac OSX. I'm using 10.3.9 with JRE 1.4.2.

I have a java swing GUI in which I would like the JFrame object to be always on top. I call method toFront() on the JFrame object, and this brings the JFrame to the front of all windows in the JRE, but native OSX windows are still in front of the JRE windows, until I click on one of the latter.

Is there a way to make the JRE windows always on top of the OSX native windows?

I would like to upgrade to Tiger, but it may be a couple months before I can do that. I mention that because JRE 1.5 has a method setAlwaysOnTop() which the JFrame inherits, and maybe this will do what I need. But the Java API says that the behavior of the method is platform-dependent (same caveat given with toFront()), so it may behave the same as toFont() in JRE 1.4.

If there's no way to do what I want with JRE 1.4, then confirmation that it would work in JRE 1.5 would be of value.

Thanks in advance for any hlp you an offer.

-Mark Leone