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Changing Internet Routing Using the Terminal

The previous web designer before I arrived had used the terminal to change my computer from going directly to the interent. This has made my computer unable to access our own companies wholesale website. I am using OSX10.3.9.

Our network guy (outsourced) isn't familiar with Macs, but he was able to re-route the PCs here to route directly (after the above web designer had done the same thing to the PCs).

How do I get the terminal settings back to it's original settings on my G5 so I can get to our company website.

The url I cannot get to is

I had received the following reply from you, but never heard back with an actual solution (see at bottom your tech support original response).

The url and all other urls I can get to

Thanks very much, I can't get the previous web designer to return my calls, and I have never used the terminal.



Last login: thu aug 4 13:54:20 on ttyp2
welcome to darwin!
model-expos-computer:~ modelexpo$ netstat -rn
routing tables

destination gateway flags refs use netif expire
default ugsc 85 17 en0
127 ucs 0 0 lo0 uh 27 25790 lo0
169.254 link#4 ucs 0 0 en0
192.168.0 link#4 ucs 8 0 en0 0:c0:9f:40:4:ba uhlw 1 210486 en0 108 0:c0:9f:40:4:ba uhlw 0 49 en0 1187 uhs 0 3 lo0 0:c0:b6:4:b3:2b uhlw 1 82879 en0 942 0:1:2:62:14:2b uhlw 0 0 en0 946 0:50:4:c3:bf:7e uhlw 0 0 en0 1141 0:50:da:c4:36:71 uhlw 0 0 en0 1048 0:11:43:5b:4:8c uhlw 1 195531 en0 1010 0:6:b1:a:d4:40 uhlw 86 0 en0 410

destination gateway flags netif expire
::1 ::1 uh lo0
fe80::/64 fe80::1 uc lo0
fe80::1 link#1 uhl lo0
fe80::/64 link#4 uc en0
fe80::211:24ff:fe7c:72da 0:11:24:7c:72:da uhl lo0
ff01::/32 ::1 u lo0
ff02::/32 ::1 uc lo0
ff02::/32 link#4 uc en0
model-expos-computer:~ modelexpo$