Need partition help.



I am trying to install Ubuntu linux, but I can't edit the Mac partition, the whole 60GB HD is dedicated to Mac OS X.

I've searched Versiontracker, and I have found no useful product to help me make free space for the Ubuntu partition.

Can iPartition work on the same physical disk from which the system has booted?

No. Due to the way that the IOKit works, it is not possible to manipulate the boot disk to the extent that iPartition would need to. Like most other Mac OS utility software, you will require another Mac—so that you can use FireWire target-disk mode—or another boot disk of some description.
If you are familiar with Linux (as you are wanting to install Ubuntu), you might want to look at this:

It's called System Rescue CD, and it comes with a lot of tools for repartitioning. I've used the x86 version and there's a program called QtParted that allows you to resize partitions non-destructively, like Partition Magic. This has worked for me on many occasions (unless dealing with NTFS). I haven't ever used it on PowerPC machines though but I'm sure it will work fine. Just be sure to backup your data before doing anything.
I am somewhat familiar to Linux, I used Red Hat and Mandrake on the PC side. Red Hat had a built in partitioner which was helpful.

I'm downloading SR CD. I will back up all my data first of course.

Thanks guys.