need recommendation on wireless router


I'm setting up a wireless network in my apartment and I'm hoping someone can offer a recommendation on a wireless router, preferably one in the $150 or under range. My setup is a little odd - I have 2 machines running OS X (Panther and Tiger), a Linux box, and an old Windows machine. I realize that most routers should work fine with all of them via DHCP, but I've heard some stories of weird compaitbility issues. I also have Vonage, which will require me to daisy-chain the Linksys RT31P2 phone/ethernet router that came with the service.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.
I have an airport express connected to an alcatel speedtouch dsl modem/router. It serves my ibook and a dual boot ubuntu/XP machine no problems. It has an epson c43ux printer connected - again - no problem, even the hardwired mac mini prints to the airport express both for tunes and to the printer.

I have used it in various configurations, as a bridge and as a node (sorry if the vocab is wrong) on the Speedtouch LAN. At present it goes right through the Speedtouch and is configured to a static IP at my ISP. (not as useful as I thought it would be... I am dropping the static IPs as soon as the contract lets me.)

If the linksys has an open RJ45, you can connect it to that.

YMMV but I am _very_ happy with the little monster. I will scale up to ten machines.
I just bought NetGear 54Mbps wireless router for my home and it was a breeze to set it up. I have also read about NetGear vs LinkSys on this forum and have seen most them impressed with NetGear.