need software, but which? os x newbie, please help me!


hi guys, i need your help:

1. i need an app to see all open ports and my current up and downstream, like in netbarrier for classic. perhaps with the built in os x firewall?

2. do you know an app to controll how much upstream for one port is allowed? i.e. 12K for the port 6700?

thx for your help!!!
If you want to see your open ports, go to the terminal and type
netstat -a

A ton of info will spew forth. To see the port statuses, look at the top of the output, and you will find a table. It will look something like this, but much longer:
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address        (state)
tcp        0      0  localhost.798          localhost.963          ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0  localhost.963          localhost.798          ESTABLISHED
tcp        0      0  *.587                  *.*                    LISTEN

It's fairly self explanatory if you're familiar with TCP/IP. Just sift through the port listing until you find what you're looking for.
To expand on this, if you want to see what's on all ports (say) from 1 to 1024, try

sudo lsof -i :1-1024

This'll show what's open and what process is actually using it.