Need solution to keep developing environments the same on two Macs


I'm using Eclipse, java SDK, MySQL, tomcat (and a few other things) for development. I own a MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD drive and an iMac 27" with 1TB spindle drive.

I need a solution where I can set up my environment on one machine, clone it once to the second and then sync back and forth as needed. The challenge lies in the fact that the database and its files will change in one directory while the files related to the Eclipse directories will also change. The same goes for files in the Tomcat directories and the few other related directories of files.

I can't throw everything in one folder and just save it all to a pen drive and run off that. Symbolic links are involved in the UNIX underpinnings too.

I cannot simply clone everything due to the disparity in drive sizes as my iMac has all my personal data on it while the Air shouldn't have any of this. I don't want to use a bulky external drive solution either as I'm using the Air for a reason.

I wish I could project the screen of my Air onto my iMac (without noticeable lag), but barring that, I would need a sync solution to handle all the different files that would be changing so I can seamlessly and quickly switch between the iMac and Air.

Does anyone have a solution for this?


Do you really need a full clone? Perhaps you can keep your environment on the MacBook Air and, when it and the iMac are "close" to each other, the latter can access the former on a local network. I don't mean screen sharing, just data sharing.