Need tips on optimizing Classic

in 10.0, turning off all the ATI extensions sped things up considerably.. eg, classic apps launched much faster and things seemed snappier.

I dont know if this still has the same effect in 10.1, i havent had time to fool around with it yet.
Turn everything off w/ extensions manager, then when X starts up Classic it'll say something like "Classic requires missing resources, should I add them?" Say OK, then you'll have the absolute bare minimum required to run Classic. Now, just add extensions whenever you find a need for them on a case by case basis.

Because I always forget to change the startup set when I reboot into 9, I have two copies of 9, one for classic on my X partition and the "real" 9 on its own partition.
I started with MacOS 9.x Base and then removed anything that tries to do physical hardware access (Thus the comment about the ATI stuff) and added my printer stuff...

I've also made this OS 9 folder totaly seperate from the other one that I sometimes use to boot into OS 9. That way I can tweak them independantly and not worry about the extensions manager...
...switch off Appletalk in the Chooser, and disable the 'recent items' option in Apple Menu Items. And then rebuild the Classic Desktop from System Preferences>Classic>Advanced.

This has sped up the Classic launch time for me considerably. Also, I find it is faster if you launch it independently of a Classic app (ie it is quicker to start Classic, then launch Photoshop, than it is to launch photoshop and have Classic boot then). doing this means you are less likely to experience the 'No Classic Menu Bar' bug