Need to build e-commerce members only section


Hi All,

I'm helping someone with a web site. They'd like to be able to accept membership fees by credit card. The idea is, once someone becomes a member, they can log in to a members only section.

I can get by in PHP, but what I'd rather not mess with is setting up a complicated database-driven merchant account.

Instead, I'm looking for a subscription-based e-commerce solution.

I looked into Yahoo stores, but that seems more focused on selling products. PayPal does have a "donate" feature, but how do I after-the-fact track who's a donor and therefore gets to log in to a members' section?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Thanks mdnky,
I will do that. I'm also looking for hosted solutions where I could design the wrapper, html and css, and the host would take a percentage. Sort of like Yahoo stores, but for non-profit organizations. I found a few online, but they seem like more than we need.
Thanks again!