need to install HP printer


Hi everyone i need to install a hp all in one printer model 7310 on a mac with OSX system i never install a printer on a mac before what do i need to do ?
The printer may be installed on OS X already. Plug it in and go to System Prefs > Print & Fax and click + or Add and see if it shows up.
yeah but this printer is all in one what about the scanner drivers or fax software will that be install aready ?
If drivers are available in OS X, you have print-only capability.
To install your drivers, insert the CD that came with your 7310
Double-click the installer, and follow the directions that came with the printer for installing on a Mac.
THEN, go to the HP web site
and download the latest drivers, should be one for the driver, and one for the printer software. Downloading the latest software for your printer is probably the most important step.
After you download the drivers, you install them (onto the Mac), and then you follow gsahli's instructions (above). Or, open (launch, open) 'Printer Setup Utility' directly - in the '/Applications/Utilities/' folder, click on the 'Add' icon button, and proceed.
The download that barhar suggested is fine, but still print-only. For the other parts (scan, fax, etc.) you will ALSO need the software updater, which is a much larger download (about 98 MB)
After you download these files, double-click on each one, and follow the instructions to install the driver, and other software.