Net speeds...


OK. I wrote Verizon and wailed on tech support for not giving my my full 1.5 MB DSL. I have two computers on the hub: a Win98 laptop, and an iMac w/OSX PB. Both were getting only ~400-500Kbps.

I did a little digging, and found out how to adjust the TCP RWIN value for the 98 laptop, and now I'm getting 1.2-1.4 MB for the laptop. mac is still poking along at 300-500K.

I checked newsgroups and such, and could find how to set the MTU to 1500, or the max ethernet frame size, but that didn't do anything for speed. Is there an equivalent to the RWIN (receive window size) for OS X?

Help! I find myself shifting over to the laptop to surf! Keep me away from the darkside!
OK. Looking at the FreeBSD tweaks pages, as well as the HOW-TO-CONNECT file in the PPPoE folder (reading it with pico), I've changed the CLAMPMSS=1412 to CLAMPMSS=no.

According to the bandwidth testing sites, that sped up my connection from a consistant 700-800K on a Westell modem to 1.2 MBps. Pretty good.
I have a cable modem and I would like to tweak my network settings in macos x how woud i go off by doing that? thanks
The only options I have seen so far to tweak them are making sure the interface is configured with a maximum transfer unit of 1500 bytes (the maximum ethernet packet size, excepting jumbo frames) by typing "ifconfig en0 mtu 1500" without the quotes (that's a zero), and in pppoe.config, which I'm not sure cable uses (MacPoET is the OS 9 software that would equate to the pppoe CLI stuff that I use for OS X), you would change CLAMPMSS=1412 to CLAMPMSS=no (both choices are actually already there, but the "no" option is commented with a pound sign, 1412 is not as so is active).