Netgear Router Dg834gt


I have an Imac G5 running Airport via a Netgear DG834GT router. I also have an airport extreme base station which is not currently set up as part of the system. Now I need to extend the netgear signal to the furthest end of the house where my husband has his office. He uses a Powerbook G4 with airport. Apple told me that I can configure the airport extreme base station to bounce a signal to an airport express remote. I spent all day yesterday trying to get the various componants to do this but with no success. At one point I did get as far as finding a signal on the remote express station but there was no internet/safari connection. Now I can't even see the remote on airport set up! I am confused and don't really know what I am supposed to be doing! Perhaps none of this is possible afterall using the various devices I have at my disposal! Should I give up on Apple extreme/express and go for an ethernet bridge using Netgear products?