NetGear RP114 & RT314 DLS/Cable Routers


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Okay... I have (2) of these available, one of each. Both are used, but only about 1 month old. Both are in excellent condition. I built a Linux box for my "router" needs.

RP114 - $70

This is the newer of the (2) model wise. It is also smaller, the same size as a NetGear 4 port hub. It is a 4 port switch, 10/100... is considered a "Web Safe Router" and has a filtering option... of which the RT314 does not have. Other than that one feature and size, these are the same. Works great for supporting numerous internal computers via NAT and also servers DHCP. These DSL/cable routers have some of the highest ratings as far as speed. In fact, I had the RT314 and bought a SOHO model DSL router, and it was slow... so I took it back and bough the RP114.

RT314 - $70

Same as above... just a little bigger - lacks "content filter feature"... you aren't missing much.

If you are interested, email me at Visa/Mastercard & PayPal accepted.