Netgear Wg602 Internet Connection Problems


In my house at the moment there are 2 Ibook G4 users and 2 pc users. We have purchased a Netgear wg602 wireless access point. The pc's have been able to connect to the internet fine, however the macs have not. I am picking up full signal from the router, however when i try and connect to the internet the 'server can not be found'
In system preferences - network, the network status is shown with the light on amber next to Airport. Under 'TCP/IP' is: Using DHCP, the IP address is, subnet mask is, however there is nothing next to 'Router'.
My knowledge on this is not vast, so any help is much appreciated
Hi graphicsboy and welcome to the forum.
Log in on your routers web-interface. Turn off MAC filters and WEP or WPA if they are activated. On your mac side leave all settings on automatically. Don't specify any IP or routers adress or even domain and sub-mask. Open your and try to ping the router as 'ping' (or whatever ip your router is using). If you seem to not get any ping answer, plug your mac over an ethernet cable to the router. The same issues? Let us know...