Netgear Wireless Wg511t And Os 10.4.2 Incompatibility?



In my Pismo Powerbook I was using Netgear WG511T wireless card and Mac OS 10.4. It was working well with orangeware driver since I update to 10.4.2.

Now, when I start my PB the system did not recognize my netgear card.

Can anyone help me?

I read about some reports on third-party driver-compatibility problems after the update. However, my orangeware driver still works fine with the Dlink DWL G650. Consult orangeware and see, if they have an idea other than waiting for the next tiger update.
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As Zammy-Sam stated, several people have complained since Tiger. Search the forum here and see if any solution was found. Moreover, you can search Apple's support page as well, besides orangeware and related sites.

I tried to start up my PB with netegear unplugged and plug it only after the system is ready.

It´s worked well!

The only problem is to unplug every time I shut down the PB but it´s fine

Thank´s for help