netinfo backup


I have been playing with some other post(s) suggestions on speeding up dns functions, etc. Before I started I tried going into netinfo and doing a backup. I get a missing ID error.

I have not done one since 10.04. It worked fine then. I tried on my working install and a test 10.1 install on a seperate drive with the same error results.

Anyone else experiencing it.

Also....if helps anyone else out.

I just got my 10.1 upgrade cd from apple this last weekend. When I ran the upgrade, it froze at the last couple minutes of the install. I had to reinstall 10 and upgrade again. Got the same results.

I started from a non X drive and installed 10 and the problem. I think I read on to delete the system directory and reinstall. I did this and it did the trick and I lost no info to speak of.