Netscape Browser!


long story...but i need work-around for time being, using N/S 4.79 ONLY to access my online
broker. have G4 ti book, OS 9.1 (upgrading to 10.3 soon), 400 MHz. never had problem downloading n/s ....ever! what is going on??? i am better-than-novice mac user.
"mac HD: desktop folder comm 4.79 complete us bin, could not be opened because unknown error
occured. save to disk first then open file". i still try to open browser and get..."network error
while n/s receiving data. network error: socket is not connected". then....."n/s unable to create
network socket connection, etc...." both socket layers are checked in n/s prefs. i NEED 128
ENCRYPTION. broker will only support n/s 4.79 for OS 9.1.

THIS IS ANSWER FROM NETSCAPE SITE: "Netscape was unable to create a network socket connection.
There may be insufficient system resources or the network may be down."


"The most common reason for the "Netscape was unable to create a network socket connection" error
message is that the dialer you are using is 16 bit (for Windows 3.1) but the version of Navigator
or Communicator that you have is 32 bit (for Windows 95). This is common if you are using an older
version of Navigator, AOL, or other 3rd party dialers.

Windows 95 and 98 comes with its own dialer program called "Dial-up Networking". Contact your
Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help setting it up to connect to their service. You can use
Dial-up Networking with any of the versions of Netscape."

I KNOW THIS ADDRESSES WINDOWS, be assured i am downloading 4.79 FOR MAC. have downloaded three
times from netscape site. what do i do...what does this mean?? regularly used browser is N/S 7.02, also have on the HD the original default 4.75
browser which came loaded with machine when new. and IE 5.1.7 for MAC. thanks for help, Kurt