Netscape Won't Launch


Thank you in advance, and thanks for all the help of late i've received from this service. I had some bad ram, and it screwed everything up. Now i have to reconfigure things.

Which brings me to Netscape 7 in OS X 10.4 . I downloaded the current version of netscape 7, and installed in 10.2.6 before i upgraded my OS. I think it was trying to copy a netscape profile folder in my new 10.4 that messed things up. I was trying to regain my settings.

Now, not only does it not see my profile, Netscape will not even launch. It tries to, but then does not. I tried reinstalling per the installation instructions, but that did nothing.

What would get Netscape to launch, so i can transfer my profile?

Is my Netscape profile in OS 10.4 kept here:



Thank you!

Chris Farrow