Netscape X 6.2 - No workies..


Ok.. I'm fed up with IE 5.1 beta being so pigishly slow (at loading pages).. OmniWeb has the beauty, but doesn't work for alot of sites.. like eBay!

So I decided to check out Netscape X 6.2 after hearing rave comments about it.. I just can't get this sucker to work. I installed it, ran the Netscape app, it displays the splashscreen then shuts down (w/out an error). I've tried running the profile manager by itself as it's the first time I've run it and typically it wants to add a user first. The profile manager crashes. I've tried deleting all reminants of the install (including the prefs out of ~/Library), and re-installed a new copy.. same deal.. Nada..

Anyone have this problem and found a resolution for it? I'm stuck using IE until I can get this resolved.


On a side note, I finally managed to completely dump Outlook Express and make the switch to Apple's Mail app.. most of the power of OE, and alot friendlier to use!
Just downloaded and installed Omniweb 4.1sp7.. What a HUGE difference.. it's almost worth paying money for now.. :D