Netware 6.5 Connectivity


Do I HAVE to purchase the Netware Client 5.12 from Prosoft Engineering to connect my iMAC G5 to a Netware 6.5 server????

I really want to avoid this expense as I have several iMacs on my network and can't justify an extra expense to the Finance guys???

Please advise me of alternative methods of connecting to the Netware server......
OS X, Windows, and LINUX connectivity are built-in to Netware 6 and later. It is called Native File Access Protocol. "they" just have to avoid turning it off. From the Netware site at:

This AppNote discusses the Novell Native File Access Pack (NFAP), a server- based solution that enables Windows, Macintosh, or Linux/Unix clients to securely access NetWare storage natively. It also allows these users to be managed through the central eDirectory tree.