Netware and user accounts


I am new to Mac OS X (10.3) and have a Novell Netware 6.5 server system running PC's at present. I want my Mac users to authenticate and use a locally set default user account on the Mac instead of copying down the prefrences and settings form my Xserve (10.3) as they do at the moment. My PC users use a deafault local user for desktop, files, printers etc and jsut map thier own homeworkspace on login. Can I do the same with mac accounts?
Ok, so to understand what your saying here:

When you say locally set default user account, are you saying that all of your logins for the Macs are stored in the local NetInfo database and not in an LDAP someplace?

There are a few things you could accomplish, that you may not be aware of. Just because you have a network username, or login, doesn't mean that you must store all of your user specific data on the server and copy it down each time. The default behavior in Mac OS X is to force local account creation at first login and to keep all of that data on the desktop machine. You can disable this and create the home directory remotely on the server, as you described you would not want. :)

There is a product for OS X to work with Netware, though it does appear to be a little pricey:

If your just looking to get a network volume at login, script it. I'd create a login script and place it in the SystemPreferences -> Accounts -> Login Items. If your Novell is using SMB, just use something like mount_smbfs to get the volume.

Hope this gets you started!
After about a year of research, tinkering, and dumb luck I have exactly what you want working. It requires no extra cost or software that does not ship with Apple or Netware 6.5, but it is time consuming and pretty technical. If you'd like more info let me know. :D