Network Browser Empty


We recently purchased a Xerox 8500N printer and hooked it up to our Ethernet LAN. Since then, the "Network" browser built into Finder has functioned differently, showing a folder labeled "Local" and one labeled "Workgroup", where previously it simply showed all the connected computers. The available servers are now located within "Local", at least when they show up.

On several machines (both iMac G5's and blue/grey G4 towers), the available servers never display, in either Local or Workgroup. Each machine is still reachable, by using the "Go:Connect To Server" command and typing in the IP address. Also, aliases to the remote machines still work as expected.

I have tried to use Directory Access to restrict the Authentication to Local instead of Automatic, and I have also just left the Network window open to wait and see if it became populated. Neither seemed to have any effect. How do I repair this, to get the Network window to see the other machines?