Network Capabilities (ADSL, PPPoE, etc.)


Hi you lucky owners of MacOSX!

I will have to wait until the 20th of April, because I ordered it from a Dealer who is forcing me to wait, because he sent it to the wrong direction. (¡Muy mala pata que tengo!) I should have bought it directly from a dealer!!!

But back to the Topic!

Has anyone experienced yet a connection via ADSL? Is it integrated in the CD or will we need to install some shareware as in MacOSX Beta.

I'm awaiting your comments.

I was immediately able to hook up to ADSL. However, I use a LINKSYS router as a DCHP server. I saw something in the system preferences for pppoe. I'll try it out this weekend.
I'm connected through PPPoE right now. It works just fine. You do however need to select advanced in the configure menu and move the ethernet above the internal modem. Otherwise it will attempt to connect using a dial-up connection.