Network Folder


We are running Windows 2000 SBS with 4 Macs connected. One of the Macs looses the shared folder (Macshare) and sometimes has a hard time connecting back to it. I have ruled out the network cable being a problem (well, mostly ruled out). Is there something that I can do to keep this folder on the desktop without it disappearing all the time?
And yes, I am a MAC newbie.


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Are the Macs running Mac OS X or an earlier version of the Mac OS (pre-X)?

If they are running Mac OS X, you could always drag the network shares to the Dock, which would create an alias for each network share you drag there. That way you don't have to go through the motions of going to "Connect to <whatever>" and finding the share and whatnot. All you would need to enter is the password for the share once you click on the alias.

As for anything before OS X, you would have to access either the Chooser or the Network Browser. With the Network Browser, you can bookmark the shares that you use the most, meaning you wouldn't have to repeat the whole process again if it were to get disconnected.

By any chance, are these Macs losing their connections due to them going to sleep? If so, disable Sleep Mode in System Preferences-->Energy Saver (Mac OS X) or in Apple Menu-->Control Panels-->Energy Saver (pre-X Mac OS). The Apple Menu is the menu at the top left.


Thank you. That was easy enough. We are trying it now.