Network Media Players



Up until about a year ago, I was using an Elgato EyeHome to play back media off my computers throguh my TV using my Airport Extreme network. Then, I moved house, and there is something in the walls that is very badly affecting wireless network strength, so I could no longer get the bandwidth to stream video.

Last week, I switched to using a Netgear powerline networking solution - works great. Easily enough bandwidth to stream video - great! I can use EyeHome and EyeTV again!

However, since the move, I have amassed a large collection of H.264 video - DVD-Rips of my collection mostly, but also a few TV recordings which i have re-encoded to save space. I was therefore quite surprised, and annoyed to find that EyeHome does not support H.264, or many other non-standard codecs for that matter.

I started browsing for a new media player, as Elgato no longer seem to be developing for or even selling EyeHome, and I found that the codec support from these devices is actually very limited. I could only find one that would support H.264 - AppleTV, which ONLY supports H.264 - and only iTunes-optimized H.264 at that, and all of the others seem to be Windows-based.

What I want to ask is this: Does anyone know of any devices with more wide-ranging codec suppport that are Mac-friendly, or even a way to modify the EyeHome to install additional codecs (I am not to scared of playing around with it if anyone has any suggestions)?

Thanks in advance!