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I have a G$ powerbook and use a D-link wirless router to share a Brother HL-5040 printer on a windows XP computer. It worked fine with OS 10.3 but now w/ 10.4 it sees the network but when I try to select the printer it asks for a user/password.(?) There is none, it is shared and the I have tried all the user names/passwords that are associated with each computer but to no avail? I even have installed Bonjour on the windows computer. The printer works fine if connected thru USB. Also I can connect to the network wirelessy and share files from the XP computer.

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if you go to Windows XP, and Printers, right click on your Brother printer. There should be a tab that has information about userid and password. make sure it's blank. maybe that'll help


To do this the "Samba way," server and client should be in the same workgroup, and you should have an account on the server that uses the exact same user and password as you use on the Mac.
A work-around is to use the advanced method of setup. In Printer Setup after clicking ADD, hold the option key while clicking More Printers. Select Advanced from the bottom of the first menu. Then select Windows Printer via Samba.
Fill in the URI like:

I think a good one for your situation is smb://guest@<IP address of PC>/<printer Share name>