Network questions


For some reason, Software Update "can't connect to the internet" and neither can Help, etc. This is strange because I have all my network settings configured and I can connect to the internet with Internet Explorer.

I'm on an ethernet network, and I've already unchecked internal modem in the advanced settings of Network Preferences

My other question has to do with seeing Macs running system 9 over the network. I can see about 4 computers instead of the 400 I used to see on my school network when I go to Go -> Computer or Go -> Connect to server. Should I be able to see these other computers or is this a problem other people are having too?
I got the same behavior .. within different accounts (User/root).
(Internet-access ok, network-settings ok, ping on ok, ...)
After starting Network Utility (... and doing some lookups!) it vanished ... no idea what was going on ?!