Network time servers


I noticed an interesting anomaly this morning. I have two computers, one a 7200/90 running OS 8.6, and one a G4/500SP/256/18G SCSI running OS X PB. Both get their time from the same network time server (, and both have a full-time connection to the Internet via DSL. You'd think both system clocks would be in sync with each other, but actually they're 3 seconds apart! Now, the Date and Time control panel under OS 8.6 tells me when the clock was last synced to the time server--October 16th, 2000. The Date and Time panel in System Preferences under OS X doesn't tell me when the clock was last synced, but it does say that it's connecting to the time server, and I saw at least one log entry a while ago in /var/log/system.log that referenced restting the clock (referencing an error in fractions of second with a really high number of significant digits, like 5 or 6---does that take into account network latency?).

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?