Network User Preference Problems


Hi Guys,

Just about at my whits end here, I've rang around and spoke to tech's but no one seems to be able to help me. So I thought I'd post it on here
We have a network of 100 emacs running 10.4.2 and an XServe running Mac OSX Server 10.4.2. All 30 users have been setup on server with network accounts, clients binding to the server using LDAP. The clients and server all have adequete specs..
Here is the problem:
The users are class grades for example 5ka is one user. When the class uses the computer lab all 30 students log into the server as 5ka, so sharing the same home folder. This works fine and has done for a few years now. The problem we are incuring comes from when they open up a program to do work. Because they are all logged in as the same user they are effectively sharing the one preference file on the server in the library folder of that account. This is causing many many problems and unexpextidely quiting our programs.

What I am trying to do is somehow copy the users prefernces folder in the library folder to the local machine so that while they are all still using the same account, they each use a set of preferences stored on the local client. I only want to copy the Preferences folder to the machine and somehow read store use preferences from that folder only. Or to somehow have the user when they open a program (which are all on local drive) use the preference file from that program from the Clients HDD and not from server.

Its just impossible to create a single user at this primary school. Im wondering if anyone has any help to offer, would be much much appreciated.