Network Users and Local Profiles


I have just figured out how to get Network Users with accounts on our SUN LDAP v 5.2 server to log onto my Tiger Machine. (yay!)However, there are some problems:

No local profile is created. When the user logs out, (or switches) all data is lost.
This is the most important problem. I want Network users to get their own Locally stored profile when they log in. Just like Windows does it. This problem only happens to Network Users.

When the user logs in, Many applications (address book, Mozilla, etc) do not successfully start. No error messages. They just bounce in the dock, then go back to the way they were before being clicked on.
Only happens to Network users.

When the user tries to start safari, they get a "Safari had a problem saving your bookmarks" dialouge window 3 times in a row, and then must select File-> New Window to begin browsing the web.
Only happens to Network Users.

Clicking on Apple->Log out does nothing. The only way to log out is to "switch Users" this does not just switch users and log in with a local account, it actually logs out the Network User.
Only happens to Network Users.