Networked but no internet


Hi all.

I have just used a wireless ADSL modem to connect 5 PCs in my house, they all work. I now want to connect a Mac with OS x to the same network to sure the internet. I am using a cat5 network cable to connect the mac to the router.
The mac is on the network fine and is assigned the correct IP
But the internet will not work. The mac is not mine and I know little about them. Any pointers from anyone would be great!!



'Any pointers from anyone would be great!!', as well as being provided the Macintosh model and version of MacOS X installed.

Anyway ...
01. Via the 'Apple' menu select 'System Preferences'.
02. Click in the 'Network' utility's icon.
03. From the 'Show:' popup menu select 'Built-in Ethernet'.
04. Locate and click on the 'PPPoE' tab.
05. Click on the 'Connect using PPPoE' check box, to add a check mark; fill in the respective ISP provided information, etc.; and, click on the 'PPPeE Options...' button - and make any additional changes.
06. Click on the 'TCP/IP' tab.
07. Make sure the 'Configure IPv4:' popup menu displays 'Using DHCP'; and - enter any required 'DNS Servers:' and / or 'Search Domains:' IP addresses. Such information would be provided by the ISP.
08. Click the 'Apply Now' button.

You should now have internet access.