Networking a Mac IIci with a iMac G4 lamp shade


I am looking to network my Mac IIci (OS 7.5.5) to my iMac G4 (800 mhz, OS 9, or OS 10). I have an ethernet network and have succeeded in getting an IP address dynamically assigned by the router on the Mac IIci (open transport 1.1). Unfortunately, that is as far as I get. I cannot see it from my G5 Powermac or Windows 7 machines on the same network (yet the Powermac pops up occasionally on the Windows 7 machines). I have configured sharing (File with access by everyone), network (appletalk enabled) and all other manor of settings on the G5 with no luck. I can type "go -> connect to server and enter the address of the IIci and I get an error that tells me it recognizes that the Mac IIci is there, but that it is not accessible/available as a server. The point is that ethernet is a possible way of connecting the IIci and the G4.

However, ethernet does not have to be the solution. I am perfectly OK using Appletalk. Unfortunately the G4 doesn't have a serial port to connect localtalk connectors. I have found an Asante localtalk to ethernet bridge which I think will work, but wanted to solicit some advice from the forum before purchasing. The end goal would be to have my 512K (System 3.2), connected, using a DB9 localtalk connecter, to my Mac IIci via a din-8 local talk connector, connected to the iMac G4, using the Asante localtalk to ethernet bridge. I think then, I could download older software, games/apps, for the 512k and the Mac IIci transferring files from the G4.

Right now though, just getting the Mac IIci connected to the G4 via ethernet or localtalk would be my first goal.

Other things I could do -

1.) Buy an external USB 1.1 floppy and plug it into the G4 and transfer downloaded files to the Mac IIci via sneakerent, then make 800k floppies on the IIci to get stuff over to the 512K - Not my first choice if I can connect the IIci and the 512K via a network.
2.) Buy an external SCSI Apple 300e or 600e CD and connect it to the Mac IIci, then transfer files from the G4 via CD to the IIci and from there, floppies to the 512K.

It has been a long time since I networked Mac's using localtalk, but I am pretty sure I should be able to just turn on sharing, go into the chooser and see available other macs which are sharing folders. I may need some upgrades to the IIci 7.5.5 for that to work, but not sure which files, besides OT 1.1, I should update. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!