Networking issues with OS X and Win 2000-help...


hey guys,
I just recently bought a G5. I own a pc(windows 2000) and trying to network them together. I am pretty new at this networking stuff. So if I am doing anything wrong please tell me. Anyways... I am connecting my pc and my G5 directly together with an ethernet cable. And I have been trying to ping the computers but not getting anything back and vice versa. I cannot see my pc on my G5 and cannot see G5 on my PC. I was curious what I was doing wrong. All I want to do is transfer files back and forth between those two. Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Eddie001 and welcome to the forum.
You will need to set the TCP/IP protocol on your windows 2k system on automatic IP as it is when you setup an internet-connection to your ISP. On your tiger G5 system you will need to specify the lan connection with an IP e.g. (for that you will need to . Make sure the subnetmask is the same on both machines. Connect the two machines and check in the DOS Prompt of windows 2k if you can ping
Let me know if this worked..
Hey Thanks for helping out Zammy-Sam, I really appreciate it,
I changed the network to Automatic IP and made sure G5 and PC had same subnet mask numbers. I still cant get them to "see" each other. I tried pinging on G5 it said "10 packets transmitted, 0 packets recieved, 100% packet loss" I am assuming thats not good. But if you have any other ideas that would be great. Thanks for helping out again.
I think the restart was needed for your win2k system. Macosx doesn't require any reboots for network changes.
However, happy it's working now.