Networking macs onto PC LAN


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Any thoughts on doing this under OSX? The product of choice for previous OS versions would appear to be Thursby's DAVE, but there's no OSX version yet. There are a lot of posts all over the Interweb about Samba, but I can't suss out exactly what this would enable me to do, so if it would be worth all the hassle...
Samba: Make Mac shared volumes visible to PCs on the network. Free product.

Sharity: Make PC shared volumes visible to Macs on the network. Commercial product.

I use Samba, since once you have a visible share, you can basically go both directions; you just have to move the file to where you want it on the Mac after you transfer it over from the PC.

DAVE for X is in the works, though, from what I've read.

Cheers for that.

I checked out Sharity, and it appears there's a free OSX version which allows access to only one server for home users/hobbyists, which is what I guess I am. It's seriously easy to set up too, and nicely Aquafied.

There's a good free version for students, if there's anyone out there who's bin itching to get their Mac on a University LAN...