Networking OS9, OSX and Linux


I'm boggled, I have 3 machines I want to network, they are as follows:

G4 350 w/built in ethernet, OS9, OSX and Linux Mandrake all sharing same HD.
iMac DV w/built in ethernet, OS9.
5500/225 w/PCI ethernet card, Linux Mandrake.
HP Laserjet 6MP connected to G4 by Asante Local Talk via ethernet port.

The G4 is the main machine, and it runs OSX 10.1 90% of the time.

I'm a complete network novice, I've looked online for advice about setting up a network but they're all windows stuff. If anyone knows of any online resources that may help, or if you could give me a few basic pointers so I know what products I should be looking at I'd much appreciate it.

Basically I just want to be able to transfer files, and let everyone print regardless of what platform they're on, is this possible?


All you need is a terminal...
you can use the use nfs on all machines for sharing ('nfsd' is the deamon).
use man nfsd for exact syntax.
If you want to make AFP shares on a Linux, the best (and free) choice is Netatalk. I don't know the exact download location, but you can search at .

If you want to share your printer, use lpd or lpr (help: man lpd / lpr) and make the spool folder a share.