Networking Probs (mac to Win Server)


I am at a basic technical level. I am attempting to fix a network settings problem on my Macintosh (PowerMac G3 B&W running OS X Panther) so that my computer can connect to a Windows server (running XP) in order to share an internet connection. The two computers are connected via a crossover cable. We had no problems in the beginning sharing the internet connection. The Mac was set to detect the network connection automatically (as it is currently). One day, my significant other decided to take a look at something on my Mac. She is not Mac literate. She informed me that something popped up for VPN under the internet connect (I still don't understand exactly what happened that day & what she was attempting to do). I have been trying to restore the network settings ever since with no luck. I finally restored my system today in a last ditch effort to fix the network problem. I still have the yellow light under network status. I don't know what the problem is - I suspect it might now be on the Windows end of the network, but my significant other has tried everything she can think of to fix the settings on her end. I am aware that getting a router might be the easiest way to avoid problems of this nature, but I am very tight on finances, & a crossover cable is the best option currently & one that was working just fine. Any help & advice would be most appreciated
Hi macwolf and welcome to the forum.
I have few questions: 1. is it your Mac or PC that is sharing the wan connection to the network? 2. What kind of wan connection are you using? 3. Is the system that is sharing the wan connection set to a fixed ip and the one that is using the shared connection to automatically retrieve the ip? 3. Are any firewalls or other security features enabled? 4. Is the wan accessible on the sharing machine?

(wan = wide area network = internet connection)
Thanks Zammy-Sam... the problem has long since been figured out. The PC was the one sharing the connection. The PC had a fixed IP - mine didn't - I set mine to a fixed IP & the PC's IP as router & problem was solved. That was when the PC was sharing dial-up. It is now sharing DSL. Everything is running smoothly