Networking Tiger And Os9


HELP! I have a small business with about 6 macs.
5 of these macs have OS9 on them and 1 G5 which had Panther which worked fine) but has just been upgraded to Tiger, which we presently use to hold all our work files.
Within minutes of upgrading to Tiger, all the OS9 macs had trouble with there permissions, so we corrected that problem. Then to only find we were then getting sparatic access problems to other files within the G5.
We can transfer files to and from this mac through the normal finder. But within programs such as Quark or Acrobat we are getting access problems.
Accounts have been made for all the macs on the G5 and all logins are correct. Under privileges read and write for these files have been selected. So Why oh why is there still problems?

PLEASE HELP! Otherwise it's a step backwards to Panther.