Networking Windows & OSX?


Hi, I've just got a new G5 and I'm trying to copy the data off my PC onto my Mac.. Since I've got IDE drives in my PC I can't put them in the Mac, so I thought I'll try and network them.

I asked for advice on this on another thread, and recieved the reply..

Connect the two machines with an Ethernet cable, might need a crossover cable.

On the Mac - Turn On Windows File Sharing in the Sharing PreferencePane

On the PC, right click the drive to share, and set it up.

On the Mac, use the Go Menu - Connect to Server. If the PC isn't listed, click the Bowse button.

..Which I did. The PC wasn't listed, I clicked browse & nothing was showing up under 'Network'. I tried firstly without my crossover adapter, then with. Then with a different brand network cable, with & without the crossover adapter, rebooted both machines countless times, etc.

And still no joy.

Help please!! ::angel::