Networking with OS 9.1 and OS X PB


I have OS X PB running on my 500 MHz SP G4 (AGP), and OS 9.1 running on my 7200/90 (which, if Sonnet ever ships the processor upgrade, will be a 400 MHZ G4 itself pretty soon). I was running OS 9.0.4 on the 7200 until recently, and Appleshare services were running fine on both machines, i.e., I could mount volumes from the G4 on the 7200's desktop and vice versa. However, after I installed OS 9.1 on the 7200, this was no longer the case. I could still mount Appleshare volumes from the G4 on the 7200, but OS X couldn't mount the 7200's volumes. I got a pretty nonspecific error message, stating that there was an Appleshare error and the device could not be mounted.

Has anyone had a similar experience, and if so, is there a workaround? So far OS 9.1 has been a bit of a disappointment---significantly less stable than 9.0.4, and not much in the way of added (and useful) functionality.
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This is just a guess,.....
but actually Apple has said that macos 9.1 is not MacOSX public-beta compatible

Thats only for use as classic.

As far as appleshare goes I can't help you.

I guess 9.1 uses newer AppleShare protocols and is backwards compatible.
That's why you can load the OS X folder on the 7200 but not the other way round.