Networking with OS X and Windows

Turn on FTP serving in the sharing Preferences Panel and use an FTP program from your PC to transfer the files.

You can also try a program called Sharity (available from Sharity allows Mac OS X to log onto Windows file sharing servers. Works OK, but a little complicated to set up in some situations.

You can also install Samba on the unix layer and mount shared volumes in winblows; however, this is a very complicated proccess and Samba is more than a headache to configure properly. I have Sharity's final version and it has some bugs: It will not show the winblows comp in the CIFS network browser and won't unmount mounted shares from the other computer without a hassle.

If you can get Sharity to show shared volumes in the CIFS directory please post how you did it.

Also anyone who knows how to configure Samba for sharing a directory please Post instructions. I used Swat and got it to show on the win network but winblows complained about permissions even thought the shared folder had proper permissions for sharing.
One of the most annoying bugs I found in Sharity is that when I copied files from Mac OS X onto my Win 98 box's hard disks, for every file copied, a hidden file with the same name but with a period added to the beginning was created in the same directory. Anyone know what these files are for? I can just go and delete them, but if you have a lot of files and embedded folders, it is a pain.

Also, Sharity doesn't seem to automatically rename files that contain illegal characters in the filename for the filesystem you are copying to, returning an obscure error. I want a solution that will work as transparently as filesharing between two Macs would be.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problems?
I'm not yet familiar with the intricacies of network programs, so I'm not sure if what I say is completely true, but it is my guess that FTP has less overhead than CIFS (particularly Sharity in this case) and AppleTalk.

It isn't as easy, but it might be faster.

Oh, you might also want to check out RBrowser. It provides a GUI for FTP/SSH access. Kinda nifty. :)

By the way, would anyone know how to configure FTP further on Mac OS X? Particularly, I'd like to limit access to n people, etc. :)
I installed sharity, and man did it work great... then... as I atepted to move a large sum of files from my Windows 98 machine to my Mac OSX, through my Mac and I get this strange system error:

Unresolved kernal trap(CPU1): 0*300 Dataaccess.....
....Memory acces expetion (1,0,0).....
Waiting for debugger...

This shows up in white text over black background, on the left-top of screen... very patchy looking, comand line almost, alot like what you would see in DOS.

If anyone else has had this problem... and/or knows how to resolve it... please let me know

Maybe it is a bug in the Sharity Software.... (?)