Networking X to 9?


I need to network my G4 iMac to my new (old) Rev. D iMac, but since the Rev D doesn't have FireWire, I can't transfer files that way.

I know I can network them by just running an ethernet cable between them, but I don' t know how to configure them to access each other's hard drives.

How can I do this? The G4 has OS X.1.5 and the G3 has 9.2.1.


i'm not a pro when it comes to this kind of networking but i did it a long time ago with 10.1.5 to 9.2.2 and it worked fine. OS X can access the "old" Shared Folders from OS9 so you really should not have any problems getting them to communicate that way.

from OS9 to OSX i am not sure you can do, but hey, there's always Dave.

good luck! :rolleyes:


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You can always try a copy DAVE or a cross over ethernet CAT5 cable start up OS X hit command+k and your shared folders should be available.


WHile you're in 9...

In the File Sharing control panel, make sure that "make things available via TCP" or something like that is checked... it makes networking easier


Dont forget to Apple-I the iMac's drive and go to the "Sharing" sub-menu and click "Share this disk and its contents", otherwise it wont work. Easiest way is to buy a cheap ethernet cross-over cable and set File Sharing on on the IMac, creating a User that can read/write files (your OSX machine) and in OS X Finder "GO..,Connect to Server" should come up with your iMac.

I do exactly this with my faithful old Rev B iMac and my OS X Pismo all the time- pretty zippy transfer rates, too. FireWire is much better, though.