I have just moved to HK.

I have a powerook G4 w/ 10.4.2

The office here in HK has a bunch of PC's and are all connected to the internet (Broadband).

When I plug my computer into the ethernet port, it will not connect to the internet.

They tell me that MAC's dont work in HK for internet....but I know thats not true because i can use it in hotels, and there are a few apple resellers here.

Do you know how I can connect?
Or what the exact information I would need in order to configure it manually?

I know this is possible, just dont know how to do it.

thanks in advance
Easiest way would be to check the configuration of a PC, and copy the settings to your Mac (manually). You need to know if they use dynamic IP, and if so, if they use BootP or DHCP.

They could also be using DHCP with static ip numbers, or just plain static numbers without DHCP, and if they do, you need to know what number to assign to your Mac. Other than that you need to know which subnet mask they use, and what the address for the gateway (router) is, and the addresses of the DNS servers.

Then you enter that information into the networks panel on your Mac. It should work.