NetZero and PPP?


My father-in-law signed up for NetZero. He can connect from OS X 10.4 using NetZero's Mac dialer.

Does NetZero use standard PPP for connection? If so, can the built-in Mac dialer be configured to handle his connections? He's tried using his ID and password that works in their dialer, but authentication fails with the OS X dialer. I think NetZero used to jimmy their usernames and passwords when connecting. When I have a chance, I'm going to go over and try to watch the connection to see what's happening.

Any ideas out there?

Ironically, he switched from CompuServe because he had a legacy account and was tired of using CompuServe software just to check his mail. I warned him to be careful with companies like PeoplePC, NetZero, etc., in case they required some client application. :( I wish he'd just gone with a local ISP, since he just needs internet access and POP3/IMAP mail.