Never put off for tomorrow....

Never put off for tomorrow....

  • Yeah! Do it now, have free time later!

  • Naah! Do them as they come, cooooool!

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Simply Daemonic
You've all heard the proverb right ?
Never put off for tomoorrow what you can do today ?

I was almost never like this, but now.. I dunno! Something came over me :p
I have 4 classes this semester ( 12 credits, considered full course load... not to mention my full time job). Anyway.
1) Russian 101
--> HW: Consists of workbooks excercises and Video labs
2) German 301
--> HW Consists of: Readings and Grammar excercises
3) CS 241
--> HW Consists of: Readings and coding and Hardware labs
4) CS 260
--> HW Consists of: Readings and coding

OK, On friday I did ALL video labs (for the whole semester)for Russian, and all workbook excercises (for a month).
Yesterday I did all the German Grammar Excercises (leaving radings for later so they can be fresh in my mind when we go over them)
Today I will do the readings for CS 241 (since I do not know the labs or coding assignments in advance I will leave those 2 for later)
Tomorrow I will do all reading for CS 260 leaving coding for when its due since I do not know what the assignments are ahead of time.

Do I have no life ??? what is wrong with me ? :p

Have you ever done this ??????

PS: My logic is this: do it now so I will have free time later


Your logic is correct.
At least in my eyes you're doing the right thing. I do stuff like that all the time.

Red Phoenix

I think you're missing the experience if you don't stay up till 2 trying to finish stuff up, and then get up early in the morning to correct all the things you screwed up by staying up till 2 trying to finish stuff up. It makes life interesting. Or something like that.


Simply Daemonic
true story:
I was sleeping all nice and comfy.
I see a dream (dont know what it was about). I wake up and jump off of my bed. Remember that I did not do an assignment for french that was due the next morning. It was 3AM. Did the assignment, got 2 hours of sleep, went to school, handed in assignment :p lol


AdmiralAK: That's good, good for you! Remember: baby steps. Baby steps.

If I woke up at 3 in the morning and realized I hadn't done an assignment I would go back to bed and just make up a good excuse to tell my teacher. :D I do it all the time.