New Airport Extreme Base Station Software


I was having a similar problem with firmware 5.0.2.

Tech support had me upgrade to 5.0.3 and so far so good.

Since I don't yet have a powerbook, I've been using the APBS simply as a router (in anticipation of getting a powerbook eventually).

Question: Is this firmware update meant to address the issue of WIRED machines dropping out, WIRELESS or both? I read the support doc and am a bit unclear.

And just to air a gripe: I wish the knowledgable guy at the Apple store had told me about the firmware update before I walked out with my AEBS purchase, considering the update had already been out a week or so. This would have saved me a lot of frustration.


Yeah, Androo.
is airport extreme really good? my dad mite get it (and of course we need new cards), in a year or two.
ps AJaX i love your avatar lol


androo - haha yep the avatar is just so true! :) With the airport extreme I found 2.4 GHz phones to interfere a sucks when your entire network gets knocked out...but ever since I've changed channels on it no problems (yet) i'll keep you updated.


Can you change channels with the old Airport (silver)? I have a 2.4 GHz phone that is not Wi-Fi compliant. But it's dying, so it's on its way out anyway...

Still, in case the problem creeps up again, it would be nice to know the pods can be changed.